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Project Results

  • universAAL official release 3.3.0 is availabe at 

    universAAL.aaloa.org page 



    You can also access the open source projects at

    universAAL GitHub repository


    Warning! As from May 9th, 2015, the Subversion (SVN) Source Code Repositories from the universAAL GForge site will be disabled. To look for source code, please refer to universAAL GitHub site here


    Forums and Issue Trackers will remain in GForge for the whole duration of the ReAAL project







    Final version of universAAL deliverables are available for download.

    Check out our deliverables page!!





Consultancy Services

Get support for universAAL platform. Find solutions for top issues, common problems or get support from a professional

Visit our consultancy services


universAAL Training

Interested in learning more about universAAL and start using it? Please, check out the Training Centre set up by ReAAL project


universAAL Community


universAAL contributes to start up a non-profit AAL Open Association (AALOA) open to individuals, institutions and industry, to provide a meeting point able to catalyse interest and efforts around AAL, promote standardization and identify key areas of research. More...